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Oregon community colleges have a long history of implementing student success-focused initiatives and promising practices. Yet without a central, guiding core, the number of well-intentioned strategies can become disconnected and inefficient on the ground. This is where the Oregon Student Success Center fits in. The Center will serve as a hub for a statewide shift in focus from the many transactional initiatives to an overarching and transformational goal for all Oregon community colleges. The primary work of the Center will concentrate on knitting together research, policies, and promising practices to increase understanding and interconnectedness, assist colleges in the analysis and use of data, as well as provide leadership to create the vision for future student success work.

For more information about the Oregon Student Success Center contact Elizabeth Cox Brand, Executive Director, at 503.399.9912 or

For more information on the Jobs for the Future national student success network, please visit: 


Funding for the Oregon Student Success Center is through generous support from
The Ford Family 
Foundation and The Oregon Community Foundation. 
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